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DreamIt’s accelerator programs clear the way for the brightest, high-potential teams to hone their ideas and focus on developing and executing the strategies that will create long-term business success. We foster rapid growth of our portfolio companies by bringing together exceptional people and their ideas with the funding, mentorship and support they need to build thriving businesses that can succeed in the long-term.

Since 2008, DreamIt Ventures has launched 179 companies who have gone on to raise over $176M and have an enterprise value greater than a half a billion dollars.

We’re looking for the brightest people with the best ideas. If you have a great team and a great idea, check out DreamIt’s upcoming accelerator schedules!

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Guest Blog: Myavana Goes West, My Investor Pitch Experience With DreamIt

By Candace Mitchell


It was the start of the new year and I was just getting settled in from relocating back to Philadelphia from Atlanta after an awesome experience in the DreamIt Ventures Fall 2014 class. Never would I have thought that a week later I’d be heading out to Silicon Valley to pitch investors about my company, Myavana. But that’s just how Patrick Fitzgerald rolls. Patrick was our Managing Director and when he has something in mind, he gets up and gets it done. So while it was typical, I was still blown away to see a list of over 20 venture firms invited to our demo day-style presentation. I knew this was an opportunity I had to hop on quickly. When would there be another time to command this type of audience along with the whole DreamIt Network behind me? I saw the value in forming new relationships and had my flight booked within a few hours.

Then began the incessant research on all these firms in addition to other potential investors to either invite or connect with. I was strategizing for the rest of the week—since we were heading to the Bay Area about four days after Patrick invited us. During that time I read a quote that said it best, “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” Success also meets those who have the courage to go for it! So while my company is unique, I knew we were on to something big and just had to get in front of the right person.

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Alley Boost: VC, lawyer, startup CEO, and designer square table discussion

Andrew Ackerman, managing director of DreamIt NY, joins three other movers-and-shakers from the NYC startup scene for  Alley Boost: VC, lawyer, startup CEO, and designer square table discussion at Mercey College for a this interesting conversation about how all the elements work together.

Alley Boost: Square Table – The way the square table works is instead of a panel up front speaking TO the audience – the 4 (2 squared) speakers sit at the four corners of a large table WITH the audience. Limited to 36 (6 squared!) audience members. The discussion then becomes more inclusive. The discussion is often more hands on and focused.

The Deets
Date: February 17, 2015
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Mercy College66 W. 35th Street, Ste 704 | New York, NY 10001
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