What is DreamIt Health?

DreamIt Health is an intensive program for nascent health IT ventures to give them unfair 
advantages in the market and de-risk as quickly as possible. Over a 4 month period, the 
selected companies are paired with seasoned mentors, work with and learn from the leading 
practitioners in the field, receive free office space, legal and accounting services, have doors opened 
to prospective customers, and get exposure to potential investors.

In addition, we offer
 programming that addresses everything from the front office to the back office and everything in

The synergistic effect of multiple health IT companies working in an environment where 
ideas can be shared, critiqued and leveraged shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly when
 turbocharged by access to potential
 customers, partners, industry experts, and critical systems and data otherwise out of reach.

Why a healthcare-specific accelerator?

Healthcare is a huge sector, one that is vital to our economy (approaching $2T in annual 
spend) and which touches everyone. It is information-rich but for many reasons has historically 
lagged other industries in the successful adoption and use of IT-based solutions to enhance
 outcomes and contain costs. It’s a complex industry that is particularly challenging for startups
to penetrate. To speed those innovations to market, DreamIt Health has been designed to 
tackle those challenges upfront and give its participants an unfair advantage in successfully
 commercializing products that we expect to have a dramatic impact on the industry.

Why another health IT specific accelerator?

  • Enterprise focus: where the bulk of the opportunity lies
  • Multi-stakeholder: the era of value-based healthcare
  • Access: key resources (systems, data) + beta customers
  • Geography: density of talent and opportunity; microcosm of the nation and world
  • Experience: DreamIt + Health IT Industry Leaders + Experienced Entrepreneurs
    + successful health IT entrepreneurs

While it’s true that there are a number of health IT accelerators already out there, we believe
 that there is much more to be done in focusing on enterprise-level solutions for providers,
 payers, biopharma and public health (i.e. where the bulk of the financial opportunity lies.) We 
also believe there is much more that can be done to bring together incumbents and startups as
 well as traditional rivals in the industry (e.g. payers and providers). This is a “must-have” in the new era of value-based healthcare to which the industry is moving.

For startups to be successful in healthcare, they need access to unusual resources typically 
out of reach – from $100M EMR systems to integrate with to big data sets of protected health
information. In partnering with titans of industry we are opening up these resources to our companies.