Applying to DreamIt as an Individual

Before we talk about why you should apply to DreamIt as an individual, let’s talk about why you should NOT apply.

First, you will be working your butt off for very little money. Second, there is no guarantee that the company you work with will succeed. Third, even if the company does succeed, there’s no guarantee that you will have a long-term opportunity to stay at the company.

Still reading? Then let’s talk about why you SHOULD apply. The company very well may succeed, and it may succeed in a big way. You will learn a lot and have a blast. You will have the opportunity to impress people who can help you regardless of where your personal path leads. You will have lifelong memories and the opportunity to become one of the many successful entrepreneurs who waxes nostalgic about the early days (and forgets the angst, sleep deprivation, and emotional spikes and dives).

If this gets you excited, you can apply as an individual here.

Selection Process for Individual Applicants

Applications must be received by the deadline. We review applications on a rolling basis, so there is an advantage to applying early. A month before the program begins, we will introduce people who we think might fit with companies coming into DreamIt.

If there is a good fit between you and one of the DreamIt Companies, you will be offered a stipend to participate in DreamIt. You may also be able to establish a long-term relationship with the company. The stipend amount is between you and the founders to negotiate but we suggest $5,000 for the program. If you accept a stipend, you are responsible for helping a DreamIt Company build their business.

While you might learn more than you have in any other three months of your life, this is not an academic exercise. You have 12 weeks to help build a real business and create significant value.

After DreamIt

Hopefully you will have proven your value to the company and the company will have proven its value to you. It’s now up to you and the company to decide what role (if any) you will have with the company going forward.

What are you waiting for?

Your future is just a few clicks away. Apply Now.